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How to Choose a Martial Art

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A martial art is a great way to stay fit, learn self discipline and gain the confidence that only comes from knowing you can break a guy’s arm if he tries to steal your wallet. Problem is there’s also a lot of shit out there, a lot of scammers, a lot of zealots and a lot of styles that may or may not be suited for you.
First of all you need to check out classes before you commit to anything. A good class should offer you at least one lesson free before you have to sign anything so be wary of those that don’t. Once you get there you should see what kind of facilities they have, how experienced the instructors are and how proficient the students are. If you’re in a class full of black belts then realise they’re either going to be elitist and snobby about it, or the belts are being handed out too easily. If you see a fat black belt who’s uncoordinated and slow then leave. If you see a fast and powerful red belt – be impressed. You should be able to quickly get a feel for whether these are a bunch of guys having fun
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The Top 3 Muscle Building Tips

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Muscle building is not easy, but it is simple. It is. As long as you are prepared to put in the right effort, then you shouldn't have a problem building muscle. This comes down to having the right information on how to build muscle. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the top 3 tips to building muscle so you can get that body you are aiming for.

You need to remember that muscle building is not just about building arm muscles - It is a sad, but common, misconception that many people believe that building big arms or upper body is the extent of muscle building. If you walk through a gym, you will find many people that look like top heavy lollipops. If you want to look good with your muscle building endeavors, then you need to remember to work on your core and your legs.

You need to make sure that you are lifting your weights or doing your exercises correctly - If you are not seeing any results but you are trying lifting weights regularly, maybe you're doing it wrong. If you aren't seeing any results, you need to either get involved with a program online that provides you with videos or to spend some cash and get some private lessons with a qualified trainer.

You need to eat the right food and get the right amount of sleep - This is probably the most important muscle building tip. You cannot build muscle just by lifting weights. Muscle building is a combination of weights lifting with the right diet and enough sleep. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular sleep will help your muscles repair and build. Muscle growth takes place outside the gym.

There you have it. If you are looking for muscle building tips, then you have found the three most important muscle building tips in this article. Keep these tips in mind and your muscles will grow faster than you could ever imagine possible.

Ken Shorey

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by: Jasdeep Singh

Packing on Muscle mass involves a lot of dedication and care. At times, trying too hard can have its negative effects too. Right guidance and proper techniques make the perfect recipe to MUSCLE BUILDING. Muscle Building is no joke, but at the same time, very much possible. The bottomline is to workout in the right direction and not to harm your body. Here are some Do's and Dont's for Muscle Building.

Muscle Building Tips: Do's and Dont's

1) Popping a pill to reach your health and fitness goal is not the answer! Results are temporary and effects the body adversely in the long run.

2) Remove the tag " Short cut" from your workout schedule. There is no such thing as quick-fix. Dedication and hardwork hold the key for MUSCLE BUILDING.

3) Dietary Supplements can be helpful in achieving your goals. Supplementation is designed to supplement your healthy eating and exercise habits.

4) Dont go in for any supplement you come across. Before taking a supplement, consult your trained or a physician. Always buy supplements from a reputed DRUGSTORE. Do your research before taking in a supplement. One such reputed and recommended online store for drugs is Read Reviews at

5) Supplements shouldnt be misunderstood as steroids. Steroids should be a BIG NO. Gather more knowledge on supplements at

6) Muscle Building Diet: It occupies a prominent area in MUSCLE BUILDING pie-chart. You should be highly careful related to your muscle building diet. Always ask your trainer to write down a diet schedule for you.

7) Give rest to your body between two sets, say for two minutes.

8) Not work on more than two muscle groups at a time. Train those mucles in a group which work with each other. This technique has proven to be effective. For eg: Chest and Triceps or biceps and backs.

9) The most effective time to do muscle building exercises is in the morning. You have consumed a lot of carbs by evening. So, carbs become the source of energy for you when you do your exercises in evening. But in morning, body depends on its alternative source i.e FAT for energy. Hence fats get burned up more in morning.

10) Last but not the least, Dont be biased to any body part. Proper balance is a necessity. Having big upper body and skinny legs is no good. Work out on entire body.

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Smoking cessation: New ways to quit.

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By now, even the tobacco companies agree: smoking is bad for your health * very bad, in fact. Cigarettes are the most hazardous, but cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco also contribute to tobacco's terrible toll. And secondhand smoke is an important cause of death and disability in people who never light up.

We are making progress. Over 45 million Americans have quit, and many communities prohibit smoking in public places. But more than 20% of adults still smoke, and the habit remains more prevalent in men than women. Tragically, thousands of teenagers take up smoking every day.

We can do better. Fortunately, there are more ways to kick the habit than ever before.

The hazards of smoking

Tobacco is responsible for one of every five deaths in the U.*S. That adds up to over 435,000 lives lost each year, and over 8.5 million Americans suffer from chronic illnesses caused by smoking. All in all, the average nonsmoker lives about 14 years longer than the average smoker. And the worldwide burden is truly staggering. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking will kill about 650 million of the world's 1.3 billion smokers alive today.

Smoking is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral artery disease. About 20% of all cardiac deaths are caused by smoking.

Between 80% and 90% of all patients with emphysema owe their lung disease to smoking. Chronic bronchitis and pneumonia are among the other lung diseases that are increased in smokers.

And there's more. Smoking contributes to many other health problems, ranging from cataracts, sinusitis, and dental disorders to aging skin, heartburn, diabetes, osteoporosis, and two issues of special concern to men, bladder cancer and erectile dysfunction.

The more you smoke, the higher your risks * but even a few cigarettes a day will harm your health. "Light" and "low-tar" cigarettes are no safer than high-test brands. The only truly safe dose of tobacco is zero.

Secondhand smoke and community controls

More than 126 million nonsmoking Americans are exposed to secondhand smoke. Each year, about 3,000 of them die from lung cancer and about 35,000 to 60,000 die from heart disease caused by exposure to the more than 4,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke. And secondhand smoke also causes 150,000 to 300,000 respiratory infections in infants...
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How to improve sexual health

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Do you know the most important factor in good sexual health? It's your mind. Studies involving men and women have shown that it is the mind that determines sexual performance and drive more than anything else. Men and women were given a placebo and told that it would increase their libido and performance; the majority stated that they saw a significant increase in those areas which show us that it is the mind more than a pill that is responsible for the change.
There are also a number of foods that are said to directly affect sexual performance due to their aphrodisiac influence. These foods include ginseng, bananas, figs, asparagus, eels, oysters, and rhino horn which supposedly increases sexual appetite.
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